Floor Plans and Layout for Rivercove Residences Hoi Hup

Rivercove Residences EC is the latest project of Hoi Hup Realty, after winning the bid for the $235M plot of land within the Sengkang and Anchorvale Areas. The construction of Rivercove Residences EC boosts the EC market in the area, being only the second EC to be built in the vicinity, after Lush Acres. With the construction of Rivercove Residences EC, aspiring homeowners will have an opportunity to own a prime property within the busy Sengkang Area. This is perhaps one of the projects that hold a great promise in terms of real estate and trade in this region. The property is centrally located. The Sengkang Area boasts of many amenities including the famous Seletar Mall and Sengkang Sports and Recreation Center.

Rivercove Residences Floor Plan and Layout Hoi Hup Realty

The development, a tie up by Hoi Hup with Sunway Developments, has been masterfully crafted. Aside from its prime location, commercial establishments, recreational parks, schools, as well as hospitals are within striking distance of the property. Homeowners can take a leisurely walk near the Sengkang Riverside Park, or can indulge in a gastronomic feast on the in the various stalls offering local food, or even unwind and enjoy a beer in any of the watering holes that line the side streets in the area. Please see Rivercove Residences floor plans as well as the location for more information. Various floor plans are available for your selection.

Rivercove Residences EC Anchorvale Lane Hoi Hup

2 LRT stations (Layar and Tongkang) and Sengkang MRT Stations are just walking distances from the condo which make travel to and from the place easy. These, aside from the buses and cabs, provide mobility to and from the area to the nearby vicinities. One of the many advantages of owning a unit in Rivercove Residences EC is the location of the site. Home owners will get a good view of the Sengkang Riverside Park as well as the Sungei Punggol. The individual condo units are constructed in such a way that unit owners get an unobstructed view of the waterfront. Most units also face away from the MRT so that ambient noise is reduced.

Rivercove Executive Condominium Floor Plan and Layout

Rivercove Residences EC also provides its tenants with a luxurious lifestyle providing them with a swimming pool, and sports facilities, on top of an indoor gym. An area is also provided where residents can have barbecue aside from providing a play area for children. All these make up for the upscale lifestyle the area is known for.

Rivercove Residence EC units are spacious providing prospective owners of a choice of units having 3, 4 or 5 bedrooms. The prospective owners also have a choice of unit facing: one portion of the Residences face Sengkang West Way and the other side faces West Avenue. Homeowners who get units from the 6th floor going up have the privilege of getting an unblocked view.

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Innova Junior College

Innova Junior College is a college located on Champions Way in Singapore near northwave ec Innova Junior College was set up in 2005. In Singapore it is described as a junior college yet in the UK a similar institution would be described as a sixth form college. To maintain similarities with the British education system the students at this college study to pass their A levels. Most of the students are aiming to achieve high grades so that they can gain a place at university once they leave the college. The courses are for the equivalent of 12th and 13th graders at US high schools.

Northwave EC near Innova Junior College

Champions Way is actually found in the Woodlands area of the island. This is a relatively well off district and the college at woodlands northwave hao yuan attracts talented students from all areas of Singapore. To say that the college has only be opened since 2005 it is achieving really good A level results that are a testimony to the hard work of both students and their teachers. The college has a growing reputation for excellence on the island, which in turn means more pupils wish to enrol there.

Hao Yuan Woodlands Northwave

Parents searching for a junior college for children should seriously consider applying for a place at Innova Junior College near northwave ec. With students gaining great grades each and every year there is no real surprise that many of them go on to graduate from some of the universities around. Alternatively some pupils use their good grades to find jobs instead of going to university. Either way former pupils of the college have found that it has a good reputation that both employers and universities take notice of at northwave woodlands.

Gambas Ave Northwave EC

Parents should seriously consider sending their children to this college to improve their prospects of a more successful career.

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