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Real estate property expert has observe that active property hunters within Geylang are enjoying enormous gains from their dundee road queenstown condo investment because the the latest selling prices prices reveal that both landed and condominium selling prices in the region has managed double digit growth over the past few years. Punggol HDB owners will probably be in a position to make use of the new variety of homes alternatives in the next few years combined with new amenities which consist of the Punggol Waterway Point for queenstown hy realty condo.

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Even so, a report carried out by numerous real estate property experts demonstrated that Geylang boasts great long term prospects for property investment in Singapore which might be extremely rewarding for HY Realty Queenstown Condo. The CPF development, on Robinson Road, is up for grabs. It has a predicted land price of approximately $450 million. The CPF body, which has utilised the development for many decades (ever since it was finished in the seventies), launched the trade following a prolonged lease deal to hire out units at Novena Square Towers for its own use.

The development is located at the intersection of the Robinson and Maxwell roads. It features a frontage of 120m on the Robinson Road. In light of this impeccable corporate position for HY Realty Dundee Queenstown Condo, it is perhaps even more surprising that the structure includes wonderful sea views as well. Real estate investors who are on the lookout for their 1st property to make investments will probably not have Geylang in their opinions because the vicinity possesses a negative reputation for the sleazy night clubs and also numerous doubtful entertainment outlets.

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Any additional houses for rental also provides renters with an increase of alternatives to decide upon. The worst-hit locations are those with no easy-access to services, like trains and buses. However, ERA agent Zola Tan noted need continues to hold up in fully developed estates together with those near MRT stations. Lately finished houses for example Treelodge@Punggol at present encompass environmentally friendly characteristics which include solar panel systems and also rainwater harvesting in HY Realty Queenstown Condo.

In fact, the market has been waiting for the trade of this well-known landmark development, particularly in light of the many commercial and corporate opportunities which it can provide. It is also worth pointing out that developers and real estate funds have hardly been spoilt for choice when it comes to ventures within Singapore recently. The move will occur later in the year and it will make plenty of exclusive office units available once more. As these units are located in a primary business region for HY Realty Queenstown Condo, known for its prestigious clients, the sale is expected to be a rapid one. Meanwhile, competition is most likely to even further expand as more suburban private properties are anticipated to be ready next year, said Ong.

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In Punggol new town, new houses built using an economic friendly target signify a whole new exciting approach to quality real estate. The new HBD blocks will be unveiled as the government will set to convert Punggol town into a superior property estate for young couples that are planning to build up their first homes.

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